Serge Sarkisoff — fashion photographer, graphic designer and filmmaker. Was born in 1990. Currently live and work in Sochi and Moscow.

The photography is the most exact and accessible way of expression of thoughts about the world around. What written on paper, sometimes is difficult to imagine. And paintings just transfer the world as it was seen by the artist. The magic of the photo is that it can embody the moment which never was, and which would never repeat, just like what it is actually.
Serge’s creativity isn’t verbose, it is beyond the limits and doesn’t try to remain in them. Themes revealed in images, at first sight, are connected with beauty and fashion, but with all of this they reflect problems of society, which aims to get chic and luxury in life without any ideas how to live it.
People on Serge’s photos rarely smile. Sometimes irony is appreciable on their faces, sometimes — arrogance, sometimes — innuendo… They look at us from the world which is on the opposite part of a picture,and see it such what we don’t want it to see, or we just can not. For someone these photos are simply beautiful pictures without sense, for someone they are stories, and only who is able to look, can read them…and someone will probably see itself on the opposite side of a picture…

Publications and Clients: Vogue.it , Art + Commerce: PhotoVogue Collection, Fashion TV, J-Point, Fabrika, Sochi Autodrom, Имеретинский, Hyatt Regency Sochi, OMEGA, Uptempo, UCE Magazine, Tartarus, Life Style Sochi, ТЕМА, АrtAbout ets.